Maritim Single Window

Two software platforms join forces
to accelerate your ship

S-WiNG, the Port Information System developed by HAROPA PORT and S)ONE, the Port Community System developed by SOGET interface to provide a one-stop port environment.

Integrated information systems to enhance your competitiveness

S)ONE and S-WiNG are fully interoperable, and together they offer a one-stop port environment. The combination of the two solutions makes it possible to go further in the fluidity of commercial exchanges. Interactions are transparent for users.

S-WiNG and S)ONE on the bridge

S-WiNG is a port information system. It is the operational management tool dedicated to harbour master’s offices developed by HAROPA PORT. It allows for more efficient management of ship calls. S-WiNG optimizes processes in order to improve the control of the activity and to secure port revenues.

S-WiNG will notably:

  • connect the port with all its customers, partners and suppliers linked to a port of call;
  • allow the management of declarative formalities and the ordering of services around the port of call;
  • carry out the physical and regulatory planning of the port of call with all stakeholders.

S)ONE is the 4th generation Port Community System developed by SOGET. It is a collaborative platform that enables public and private players in the logistics chain to streamline all processes related to foreign trade.

For its part, S)ONE will:

  • connect public and private players;
  • enable the management of customs, trade, and logistics formalities;
  • automate and rationalize data exchanges between stakeholders.

The port community gains in productivity by accelerating the flow of ships and goods in a totally cyber-secure environment.

Combining compliance and performance

S-WiNG and S)ONE comply with the IMO FAL convention, the European directive 2010/65 and are ready for the application of the EU2019/1239 regulation on the implementation of a European Single Maritime Window by 2025.

Translating the facilitation of international maritime traffic and the dematerialization of reporting formalities for ships and goods.

Credit: photo Nathan Cima on Unsplash.