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The easyport grouping is an economic interest grouping founded in 2022 between SOGET, a software publisher from Le Havre and
HAROPA PORT, a major river-sea port on the Seine axis.

To offer to the actors of the Supply Chain, the best experience of the port passage and the goods

Founded in 2022, easyport’s mission is to optimize and make your port flow more reliable and to ensure an optimum transit time. It is at the service of the port world to offer you innovative solutions to go even further in the fluidity of commercial exchanges.

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Container workers use laptops to work in port warehouses. Wear a hardhat to be safe at work.
Two men discuss business ideas against an interactive display wall, one of the men is holding a laptop and showing the other data.

Software designer for your efficiency

EasyPOS, Port Operating System

EasyPOS fosters efficiently management of ship calls, requests for associated services, transit of goods, including dangerous goods, areas under concession, waste, relations with the port’s customers and invoicing and recovery of port dues.

EasyPOS is the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution for port authorities.

Maritim Single Window

S-Wing, Port Information System developed by HAROPA PORT and S)ONE, Port Community System developed by SOGET interface and offer a one-stop port environment.

Easyport offers you to associate the two platforms to accelerate your ship and cargo flows in a cyber-secure environment.

My T&T, tracing solution

My T&T is the first project of easyport. Our teams have pooled their knowledge of the port business and the problems encountered, to offer you visibility on the passage of your goods. 

From a simple container number, My T&T allows you to follow your goods along the Seine axis.


My ETA calculates the estimated time of arrival of a ship and its cargo on board in the port of Le Havre.

You can anticipate your transport and logistics operations with peace of mind, while reducing port congestion and its harmful impact on the environment.

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