3 questions to
Jérôme Besancenot,
Director of GIE easyport

Mr Besancenot holds a doctorate in computer science from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris VI) in distributed and heterogeneous information systems.

What will be the missions of GIE easyport?

The easyport grouping is an Economic Interest Grouping founded in 2022 between SOGET, a software publisher from Le Havre, and HAROPA PORT, a major river-sea port on the Seine axis.
Our main mission is to offer Supply Chain actors the best experience in terms of facilitating port passage and goods thanks to high-performance tools.
Our vocation is to always anticipate, whether it be to respond to regulatory changes or to simplify and fluidify the port and cargo transit through innovative digital tools.

What are the challenges facing the EIG?

First of all, a short-term challenge, with the harmonization of our port tools on the Seine axis so that our customers can benefit from greater simplification in the use of digital tools, new value-added services for the organization of their activities and greater interconnection capacity for exchanging information. In particular, offering more services to develop modal transfer to the Seine or to rail, or contributing to better synchronization of actors within ship and cargo operations thanks to data, and thus improving the efficiency of port services while allowing decarbonization of port activities.
Another issue is related to international and European regulatory obligations with a first obligation of implementation at the global level by IMO FAL member states a single maritime window from 2024, as well as an overhaul of the European maritime window in 2025 according to Regulation 2019/1239. For easyport, it is a question of bringing the PCS of the Seine axis into conformity and offering a maximum of services to our customers so that these new obligations have the least possible impact on the declarative formalities of maritime, port and logistics actors.
Finally, it is also a question of being agile, and capable of taking advantage of new technologies to improve the relevance of the information we share, notably with the help of AI, BIG DATA, IoT, blockchains or even thanks to the capacities of new wireless networks such as the 5G port, currently being tested with HAROPA PORT.

What will be your priority?

The priority is obviously to listen to the needs of our clients and to put in place a method to move forward efficiently in the field and produce tangible results quickly. In this respect, we are counting on the deployment of new tools in 2023, such as My ETA or My T&T, which will provide the players in the Seine Axis with additional innovative services that complement the PCS.
We are also working with SOGET and HAROPA PORT on the harmonization of our PCS between the ports of Le Havre and Rouen, in order to achieve in 2023 a first stage of the HAROPA PORT Single Port Window, which will be an essential initial version for the organization of our ports to comply with the new obligations of the national Single Maritime Window deployed by the French State.