My ETA, ETA prediction

At the dock on the dock, anticipate the arrival of your goods

My ETA calculates the estimated time of arrival of a ship and its goods on board in the port of Le Havre.

Schedule your transport and logistics operations

Based on a container number, a commodity identifier, a vessel reference, My ETA provides an ETA prediction by displaying a date interval for the arrival of the goods.
The predicted ETA is calculated using data from the Port Community System S)ONE and data from HAROPA PORT.

Optimize data association between S-Wing and S)ONE

Easyport offers you the possibility with My ETA to have a perfect transparency of the information from end to end. From the announcement of the goods to the exit of the place. This information provides you with increased visibility, enabling better planning and management of port and transport operations. For example, it allows you to plan the loading and unloading of goods accordingly.

An evolving solution

Predictions will initially be made up to the arrival of ships in port. Eventually, My ETA will refine its arrival time up to the moment of docking. For the moment, the application will only be available in Le Havre and will be freely accessible.

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Credits: photo Louis Reed and Marcus Zymmer on Unsplash.