My T&T, tracing solution

The visibility
of your goods
within easy reach,

My T&T is the first product of GIE easyport. Our teams have pooled their knowledge of the port business and the problems encountered, to offer you visibility on the passage of your goods.

Aerial drone view of a container ship navigating beneath a semi truck crossing a suspension bridge.

A compass for your organization

From a simple container number and without the need for authentication, My T&T provides you with the status of the cargo you are expecting. Port cargo tracking allows you to follow the location and movement of the cargo from its arrival at the port to its departure. It serves fluidity and efficiency by taking into account the traceability requirements of the supply chain. It allows you to optimize your transport and logistics operations, while reducing costs by avoiding delays and handling errors. My T&T contributes to your satisfaction and your company’s reputation. The data comes directly from the Port Community System S)ONE, offering you a high level of reliability. The movements announced and recorded in the platform are sent to My T&T, to provide you with the main information, without losing time. The application is freely available on the Internet and is totally free. You can access it from your PC, tablet or smartphone. My T&T allows you to optimize the reception of your goods and to gain in serenity.

The identity card of your goods

You can find the main data on the ship, but also on its cargo thanks to the 6 cargo indicators (dangerous, refrigerated, polluting…). Your goods are going through the river? No problem, My T&T is able to provide you with this information. The application offers visibility on multimodality and covers the entire Seine Axis, both for import and export. The history feature allows you to keep track of the containers you have searched for, in order to find them more easily.

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Credit: Shaunl / iStock.