digital competence and field expertise

Founding Members SOGET and HAROPA PORT have decided to join forces and pool their skills and knowledge to produce the highest quality digital solutions for the port, maritime and logistics communities.

Dockyard with Ship and Cranes at Hamburg Harbor

One objective: to optimize your port flow and make it more reliable and ensure optimum transit time

Founding Members SOGET and HAROPA PORT have decided to join forces and pool their skills and knowledge to produce digital solutions of the highest quality for the port, maritime and logistics communities. 

Easyport’s raison d’être is to offer Supply Chain actors the best experience in terms of port and cargo facilitation thanks to high-performance tools.

Our 4 priority objectives :

  • to anticipate and respond to regulatory and industrial evolutions;
  • to be the pilot of the digital transition on the scale of the Seine axis and of France;
  • to develop and deploy an innovation strategy to simplify and streamline port and cargo transit;
  • build a strategy for developing our port tools in France and internationally.

IT at the service of the port world

IT has become an essential tool in the port world. It facilitates the management and organization of the various activities that take place in ports. The processes of loading and unloading ships, as well as the management of stocks are optimized for example. Port operators can monitor the status of ships and cargoes in real time, and thus plan handling and transport operations more effectively.

IT also ensures safety and security in ports. In short, it is a key element in the efficiency and competitiveness of today’s and tomorrow’s ports. It facilitates and optimizes the various activities that take place in this complex and constantly changing environment.

The management team

They are the EIG’s landmarks, indicating the course to be followed to get back to port and ensuring that the route is correct.

M. Hervé Cornède


M. Jérôme Besancenot

Director General

M. Florian Weyer


Members who are experts and involved
in the management of international trade

Digital solutions for logistics

SOGET is a software editor dedicated to facilitating international trade.

Technological excellence, mastery of business processes, and recognized experience have been the DNA of SOGET since 1983. We have become a true software factory!

World leader in Port Community Systems

A PCS is a major partner of commercial ports and the entire logistics industry.

Its role is to interconnect private and public players in the logistics chain via a neutral and open digital platform. It optimizes, automates and secures all processes related to the passage of goods by centralizing logistics data and interconnecting port and airport transport chains.

S)ONE, 4th generation PCS

S)ONE has the ability to connect 18 professions to each other, creating a true synergy between the players and accelerating the flow of goods.

Beyond its Port Community System solution, SOGET focuses on data processing, blockchain, the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, large-scale interconnection of Information Systems, and cybersecurity.

The software and services developed to complement PCS are all designed to facilitate the work of supply chain players and are interoperable with PCS.

SOGET deploys its solutions on 4 continents, from France to Indonesia, from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Jamaica.

A connected maritime, river and land offer

The ports of Le Havre, Rouen and Paris constitute the “Great river-sea port of the Seine axis”.

It is a transport system with their own specificity offering an end-to-end solution, a global offer from maritime transport to river transport, up to the land offer including land transport and the customs offer.
HAROPA PORT’s aim is to create added value for its clients, while placing sustainable innovation and co-construction at the heart of its operations.

HAROPA PORT, a port synergy

  • Le Havre: maritime gateway and home to the world’s largest container ships.
  • Rouen: 1st West European port for cereals and breakbulk specialist.
  • Paris: network of 70 urban ports and spearhead of last mile logistics.

An exceptional geographical location

HAROPA PORT is located at the heart of the western coast of Europe. It is the first port in North-West Europe to be affected by imports and the last to be affected by exports.

HAROPA PORT is the maritime gateway to the Paris region and serves the 1st consumer market and 2nd European market in Europe, i.e. 25 million consumers within a 200 km radius.

As the 5th largest port in Northern Europe, HAROPA PORT is connected to all continents thanks to a first class international maritime offer with more than 600 ports served by some 50 shipping companies.

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