easyport PMIS, Port Management Information System

Smart Corridor,
for an optimised

easyport PMIS is a maritime single window,
used by the whole community for the
management, planning, organisation and operational monitoring of maritime and fluvial calls. At the core of port information systems, it coordinates all operations and events related to a port of call.
Scalable and adaptable to the local environment, it is the key element of the connected and digital port.



What are the features of easyport PMIS?

  • Management of any scheduled or unexpected event in the life of the port of call.
  • Simplified evolution of declarations according to regulatory updates.
  • Taking into account all the services provided to the ship (pilotage, towing, mooring, waste collection, etc.) within the same interface.
  • Simplified technical integration into your information systems thanks to a service-oriented approach.
  • Possibility of managing different organisations, including structures with several ports.
  • Fully configurable event management system.
  • Easy to use, scalable to adapt in real time to regulatory evolutions.

easyport PMIS, for which benefits?

  • Non-congested port.
  • Standardization and centralization of port of call declaration processes.
  • Interoperability guaranteed by native support for international electronic exchange standards (EDI Edifact, XML, etc.).
  • Ready-to-use software software package that naturally integrates the specificities of your port.

easyport PMIS is a module of the easyPOS solution, designed, developed and deployed by the easyport teams.

Crédit : Fred Crandon sur Unsplash.